Friday, July 1, 2011


I woke up around 9AM just now,
After my break fast,i went around the town with my mom and also kaka's mom and siblings.
went to a plaza,went to PARK CITY MALL,I found Bintulu was a great place after these few years ago.
As I remember the last time i went to
Bintulu was on my 13th birthday,if im not mistaken,I only went to the plaza and also the BINTULU ZOO that time but~ 
It was awesome ^^ the mall wasn't so bad even it wasn't that huge like what i expected
having our lunch at chicken rice Singapore nearby the PARK CITY MALL.
Too bad we're in a rush which we didn't go to the TIME SQUARE,yet i still bought something(stationary,scrapbook magazine at Popular book store and a pair of shoe at Bata)at PARK CITY MALL.
And then
went back to MIRI around 2-3pm(the journey starts)
i dislike the makes me bouncy in the car with uncle apes childrens(kaka,Nana & Danish)
but we still have fun in the car,
cheering,singing,sleeping,laughing(include playing) ^^
then arrive back(KB)
around 7pm and i had my dinner with my mom at KB town(bersatu chicken rice).
Arrived home around 8pm and then doing my POA homework.
And now im on my way to bed because I have school tomorrow.cheers,have a great weekend guys~
gotta go now....adios ^^

1st July(FRIDAY),10:45PM

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