Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last thursday :D

Last Thursday morning,i woke up at 5:35 am like usual well i didnt sleep well because i slept at  12.30 am heheh unbelievable...and then at school,after the assembly i rush to the class because i need to finish my c.s homework so then,at class i sit next to my friend and then she also do the homework with me which everything we ask from our sir hehe :D after that, on geo class since we didnt have lesson on that i walk with janice to the admit because i want to class my parents that i stay back because i forgot to tell them and then we spent time with mahirah and her friends.and then at 12.30 pm some of us stay back because of extra class so we wait at the canteen area for half an hour so take our lunch and then i do my homework with my friend hani with the help of syafiqah aqillah eheh thanks to her we finish our english homework which is the cross word hehe its confusing and then when the extra class my classmate gave us candy because they had the present from the history class work eheh <"thank you">we did study alot and also have alittle bit of fun ehhe...

Then at home,after i took my shower i went to gerai SIMPUR with my parent to have our dinner then in the car i took a nap until arrived at home well its funny that i continuing sleeping which is around 7pm.then i keep sleeping until the next day so then i count my sleep hour well i was shock because the hour that i've been slept was 14hours well i dont believe it,it never happen before so yeah i have my experience


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