Tuesday, September 15, 2009

at bandar hehe<14/9/2009>

Starting me,
ehehhe it was Monday,Afternoon.I with my parents went to Bandar for a shopping for Hari Raya.Which is soon.
We have our Sungkai at Aminah Arif Resturant in Bandar which located near to Gadong.I ate cornbeef Fried Rice.then my parent ate Ambuyat like usual ehhe.

Then I bought my shoe for raya hehe
ehheh its so much fun after i bought shoe i went to my FAVORITE shop call"SHABBY CHIC" ehhe i bought 3 scrapbook papers.then i went to the candy store which it is still locate inside the mall.

then before i head back to the car park.i bought an ice-cream.The flavour is call"rasberries love"ehhe well thats all eheh.i have alot of great time there hehe

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